Laser hair removal treatments - What you should know:

Men and women are fast opting for smooth, hair-free skin these days. Women generally want to get rid of unwanted hair on face, arms, under arms and legs to flaunt a clean and smart look. Men also don’t seem kto be lacking bjehind on the increasing trend to look tidy and hygienic, and frequently opt for removal of hair from chest, back and arms to get that uber cool look.

So far, they have been opting for waxing, shaving, epilation or threading. These processes are quite time-consuming, messy and obviously painful. Thanks to the advent of Laser Hair Reduction technology, all this pain of these temporary solutions is fast becoming a thing of the past. One can go in for a laser hair reduction process which is effective, pain free, comfortable, less cumbersome and that is permanent as well.

How does Laser Hair Reduction work?

Lasers work on the principle of selective heat destruction. The laser light, when absorbed by the black pigment melanin in the hair shaft, selectively heats up the hair shaft and the root, thereby destroying it without any damage to the surrounding tissues or skin. The gold Standard in laser hair reduction, Lumenis Light sheer Diode laser , have inbuilt cooling technologies to protect the overlying skin, leaving the skin absolutely unharmed while destroying the hair roots.

Who can take up Laser Hair Reduction treatment?

Practically speaking, anyone and everyone can be a candidate for Laser Hair Reduction, as long as they have pigmented hair. Lasers do not work on white, grey hair, red or blonde. They work the best on thick, dark hair, especially when present on lighter skin types. But with the modern day lasers, the efficacy and safety profile is equally good on darker types as well, including Indian skin. With an experience of thousands of treatment sessions with these lasers, I can easily vouch for their results in Indian skin as well as their safety profile.

How safe is the treatment?

Laser is a beam of visible spectrum of light. It is not like X-rays or other harmful radiations. Lasers are extremely safe for the body as well as the skin. Lumenis Light sheer Diode have host of inbuilt features making them further safe for all skin types. The machine allso have approval of the US-FDA, the highest authority to grant safety and efficacy certification to drugs and medical equipment’s. How long are the sessions? How many sessions are required?

Are the sessions painful?

Lumenis Lightsheer Laser Hair Reduction is a fairly quick process. And with the availability of newer technical advances and larger sizes of the hand-piece, even body laser treatments have become very fast. Hair removal treatments on face and under the arms are normally completed in about 15-20 minutes. Other areas of the body will need at least one hour to complete the procedure.

The treatment sessions are relatively painfree, with no untoward effects on skin.

The number of sessions may vary among individuals and also from one area of the body to another, with perceptible results being achieved in 6-8 sessions. These sessions are usually 4-8 weeks apart depending on the area being treated. Most importantly, the results and number of sessions are also dependent on any underlying hormonal imbalances, especially in females with facial hair growth. In general, thick and dark hair tend to respond the best. And amongst body areas, underarms and bikini are the best candidates. But one should always remember that the lasers do not achieve 100% clearance of hair and maintenance sessions may be required.

However, treatment should not be attempted on patients with any active infections or inflammatory skin conditions, dysplastic nevi, tattoos, active cold sores, open lacerations or abrasions, viral, fungal, or bacterial diseases or a history of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

What is Lightsheer Diode Laser?

The LightSheer system by Lumenis uses 805nm diode laser technology that has become a gold standard for permanent hair reduction. It is a US-FDA approved laser system for permanent hair reduction. In my practice, I have been using Lighsheer for the past 12 years and have seen amazing results in my patients. It has a very short treatment time. Back or legs can be treated in as short as 20-30 minutes time. In addition, there is no preparation time, no anaesthetics or cooling is required. The treatment is very comfortable and painless and the patients are invariably so happy to be rid of their painful and messy routines of waxing, plucking, threading, etc.

Dr. Vivek Malhotra, M.D. Dermatologist

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